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Congratulations on your new puppy!!! Here's a curated collection of the things that  will be most helpful for you to have before your new family member comes home. These are  things we use.

Puppy Books

All of these books are great. If you only have time time read one, Ian Dunbar is the best for Labradoodles.


Please buy this kennel and bring it with you to your puppy visit. We put these kennels in the puppy nursery so your puppy will be used to them when he or she comes home. It will smell like the litter and make the transition easier for your new best friend and save you sleep. :-) We have chosen this kennel because it fits well in the puppy nursery and opens on top so that I can see the puppies. It's also handy for trips to the vet.

Dinner Time

The bowls are great because they don't tip over. You'll need 1 for food and one for water. The Earthborn Rabbit and Pumpkin will be the food that your puppy is eating and you should stick with it a while... We'll teach you the magic of bully sticks when you come to meet your new puppy.

Puppy Play Pen

These are the basics to help set up a space like the one described in Ian Dunbar's book.

Dental Hygiene

Keeping your puppy's teeth clean will help prevent illness and doggy breath. :-) We use all of these products on our dogs' teeth everyday.


After trying a lot of different brands we have come to love the Warhorse Shampoo. Please ask your vet to teach you how to trim your puppy's toe nails.


After using a bunch of different harnesses and leads, we've found the 2 Hounds to be the best. Remember, your puppy's collar is only for ID. If you attach a leash to it, it can damage your puppy's throat. The vest is for the first little while until you are ready to get the full harness.


These are some ideas to get you started. Have fun finding toys your puppy loves!!!

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